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Was never anticipating to start my first blog going distress process of the grieving process but here we go. Losing a best friend over 34 (tell people solid 29) years has been anything but difficult, never though my mother would be one of the victims of the shit head known as cancer but she was. Do not want to bore you with our closeness as I have never been divided psychically or vocally more than a week during my uprising. In simple words we are genetically and mentally same person and losing her was losing my half of my creator. As I try to read or watch videos for the best adaptation/grieving process it may seem as this might be one of the topics that everyone deals differently much like parenthood or early adulthood. As much as miss my mother it makes me think of the great sacrifices she has done for me along with my family along with how long short life is. Besides listening to Kanye West and Hey Mama I decided to change my life progression by traveling and meeting new cultures and customes. The first voyage starts at SF which I am looking forward to not only due to diversity but do history. With San Francisco being the 6 most popular city in the US as a foreigner more importantly looking seeing the home of “Full House” with TGIF being one of many shows growing up.